Maggie 15???

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Lookbook F/W 14. 

This room. Bedroom/bathroom/greenhouse. SHUT. UP.
THE BED AND BATH BOOK by Terence Conran ©1978

Relativity by Adam Peter Johnson for BITE MAGAZINE Pre Fall 2014


Aura Rosenberg

Anonymous said: I want to travel the world and go to New York City and lose myself in all the people. where do you want to travel to?

Same here ny would be a dream tbhhhh oh and I really want to go to Amsterdam

Anonymous said: i am a girl in love with another girl and she knows but thinks i dont know shes knows and shes had a girlfriend before but i dont know what to do qnd it makes me sad

That’s a lil complicated but whne is *love* not??? All the best hope everything works out with her xx

innocehnt said: hey 💖 how are you?? I love your blog so much xx

I’m okay!! Thank you so much hehe xx

Soy Sauce Pack